30 Instagram-Worthy Beauty Looks To Try In September

December 14th, 2016 was a good day for Instagram users. Why? Because that was the day the app added a “Saved” section to every profile, instantly giving all of us the ability to secretly catalog any post.

For beauty lovers, this was big. Gone were the days of screenshotting a notable makeup look or palette to buy, only to lose it in the mess of photos in our camera roll. Now, if we spy something we love, we can simply click “save” and add it to our private vault of inspiration images.

That being said, there’s no denying the fact that inspiration can be hard to find when you’re inundated with hundreds — nay, thousands — of images daily. That’s why we decided to share the photos we’ve archived in the past month. Hopefully, it’ll get your creative juices flowing for the next. Ahead, check out 30 looks to try this September.

Just because you’re looking for inspiration doesn’t mean you’re looking for something with loads of drama. Sometimes, all you need is a little teeny-tiny cat-eye inspo to get you through the day.

In September, your only base du jour is an SPF moisturizer and… tons of glitter. Although makeup artist Jade Farmiloe ‘s glitter-tear details may not be work-appropriate, the hidden sparkle on the lids could be.

Chillier temps mean one thing: Your gloss finally has a chance to survive on your lids for longer than 10 minutes. Copy Kehlani’s dewy finish with a multipurpose face gloss and tons of spidery mascara.

Halsey’s got it figured out: ’80s grunge drama plus Club Kid colors equals a weekend look worth trying. Although makeup artist Dendoll’s product of choice is discontinued (we miss you, Sigma Creme de Couture), we recommend Make Up For Ever’s Aqua XL Color Paints and BH Cosmetics’ Galaxy Chic Palette as worthy alternatives to make this sunset eye work for you.

A monochromatic pink combo is still one of our favorites. Why not try it for fall by swapping out your pastels for something warm and rich, like a fuchsia eye and magenta lip?

Have five minutes to get out the door and into a cab? Pick up your brightest eyeliner, sweep it across your top lash line, curl those lashes, and you’ll be done in four.

There’s nothing like a girl-boss bun, some concealer, and a muted blue eyeshadow to get that to-do list done before lunch.

Sometimes flushed cheeks, a blotted lip, and tamed brows are all you need.

The beauty combo to try this summer: glass skin and a velvet-red lip.

Green and blue eyeshadow might not be your first choice for a makeup palette, but this earthy look is easier to copy than you think. First, focus a shimmery pale-green shadow on the inner corners of your eyes and extend the color to the front of your brow bone. Finish it off with an iridescent blue (makeup artist Janna Tew used Urban Decay’s Beached Palette) blended on your lower lash line.

Summer may be leaving us, but that doesn’t mean it has to take your dewy, strobed skin with it.

Your official party look for fall: found.

If you typically prefer to avoid heavy layers of makeup year-round, here’s one look that’s easy, fast, and Solange-approved. All you need is kohl eyeliner and a steady hand to draw a quick dash of color from the inner corner of your eye to the middle of your lower lash line.

When your skin prepares to undergo its dehydrated hibernation phase of fall, it’s time to strobe, and strobe, and strobe, until your skin looks like it doesn’t need an entire vat of hyaluronic acid to survive.

The ’60s makeup phase of the summer isn’t going anywhere this month. In fact, create your own spin on the retro makeup look with a Twiggy-inspired shadow focused entirely in the crease.

We know, we know: Date makeup is a myth. Still, that doesn’t meant we’re not eager to try this romantic wine-red lip to dinner next week.

The easiest way to play with color and get to work on time is by choosing one bold shadow and using it all over the lid, like makeup artist Jose Corella did with ColourPop’s Jelly Much Shadow in Ventura.

Color-blocked eyeshadow is so dramatic — and perfect for fall.

Dark lipstick is exactly what you need for the season — just in moderation. If you’re eager to try this trend, make sure to keep your shadow bright and subtle so your vampy lip can really stand out.

We’re calling it now: Jean-blue eyeshadow is the “It” color for fall. Just ask makeup artist Pati Dubroff about her smudged shadow creation on Lily Aldridge’s lid…

… and January Jones’ winged liner.

Time to swap out your nude and clear gloss for something bright and candy-colored.

There’s nothing like a little Glossier Lidstar to get you off the couch, out of a Netflix binge, and into an Uber to a nameless dive bar below the Bowery.

After months of growing out your brows, it’s about damn time they get to be the center of the attention. Follow makeup artist Nikki Wolff’s go-to rule and use soap — yes, $5 soap — to comb through and tame your hairs for long-lasting hold.

Matte pink shadow is the new LBD of fall.

Keep it simple like Mandy Moore’s, or go to the extreme like Shay Mitchell’s watermelon take.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, a classic red lip and gold shadow is the work-to-party duo everyone needs to try before October.

When in doubt, use the same pressed powder on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. This caramel combination on Amandla Stenberg by Kali Kennedy is our favorite.

Unicorn beauty might be out, but that doesn’t mean we’re prepared to ditch some of the trend’s color palette completely. Sasha Lane’s glossy orchid shadow is the perfect example.

An Ariana Grande-high ponytail mixed with rainbow inner-corner strobing is a surprisingly subtle take on two trends.

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