21 Celebrity Tattoos That Made Headlines In 2018

A lot of seriously strange, exciting, and heartbreaking moments happened in 2018: Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber eloped; there were two royal weddings (both featured messy buns); and we found out Bradley Cooper can sing suspiciously well. But still, none of that tops the constant barrage of shocking celebrity tattoos we had to endure this year. You know what they say: Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it wings a celebrity gets a new tattoo.

Stars like Ariana Grande, Brooklyn Beckham, even Ben-friggin-Affleck showed off new tattoos this year. Some were big, some were small, some had meaning, some were for fun, and some are already gone. If you weren’t scrolling through Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat constantly (like us), you probably missed some of the famous tattoos that made headlines.

So, keep clicking to relive all the memorable celebrity ink that was revealed in 2018.

The tattoo: Emma Watson’s “Times Up”

A bright light in the snoozefest that was the Academy Awards was Emma Watson’s Time’s Up-inspired tattoo. But this ink wasn’t controversial because of what it said, but for how it was spelled. Missing the apostrophe in the iconic movement’s title, Watson’s temporary tattoo was attacked on Twitter within seconds of fans spotting it on the post-Oscars red carpet. By morning, the drama was diffused thanks to a funny tweet from Watson. “Fake tattoo proofreading position available. Experience with apostrophes a must,” she wrote.

Photo: PA Images/Getty Images.

The tattoo: Ben Affleck’s phoenix

Affleck has had a year. Fittingly, Affleck got a tattoo of a phoenix that extends from his shoulder blades to his left butt cheek. Why? The fictional bird is known in mythology to have burned itself alive only to rise from its own ashes — reborn to live another life. Affleck has most likely been adding to this tattoo for years (although, he once claimed it was fake), but it wasn’t until March that he revealed the ink in its entirety. BFF Matt Damon calls it “artistic expression,” but the jury is still out on that one.


The tattoo: ScarJo’s back tattoo

The only back tattoo bigger and more mysterious than Affleck’s is Scarlett Johansson’s. Technically, the first time we caught a glimpse of the piece was in August 2017, but it wasn’t fully seen until this year’s Emmy Awards. Thanks to her low-back gown and shoulder-grazing bob, we got a direct view of the top half of the detailed tattoo that features several roses and a woodland creature (perhaps a lamb). Hopefully in 2019, we’ll see the whole thing.

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.

The tattoo: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s butterflies

Remember when Jenner hid her pregnancy for nine whole months? She announced the birth via an intimate home video on YouTube, and she revealed that Stormi was, in fact, Scott’s daughter (see: the bodyguard rumor) with matching tattoos. Just days after the news broke, the new parents showed off tiny butterflies etched onto their ankles in honor of their daughter.

The tattoo: Ariana Grande’s Spirited Away

If you didn’t already know that Grande loves anime, then her Spirited Away arm tattoo will make you a believer. In August, just a couple months after the 25-year-old singer got engaged to comedian Pete Davidson, she paid a visit to her go-to artist Mira Mariah (@girlknewyork) to get a massive tattoo of Chihiro, the protagonist in the film. To this day, it’s her biggest yet (even counting that new huge hand tat).

The tattoo: Grande’s Mac Miller tribute

In December, Grande blessed fans with the release of her much-anticipated music video for “Thank U, Next.” A few days later, she posted behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot on YouTube, and fans were able to spot a new tattoo, “Myron,” inked on her left foot. Arianators quickly recognized it as the name of Miller’s dog, who Grande reportedly adopted not long after the rapper’s death. Not only was this tat a sweet tribute, but it’s also a clever way to cover up the previous foot tattoo she got in honor of Davidson’s late father.

The tattoo: Grande’s worker bee

Long before Grande’s whirlwind year really hit full speed, the singer got the now-famous worker bee tattoo in honor of the Manchester terror attack that happened after one of her concerts in May 2017. Although fans speculated for nearly a year about whether or not Grande had the ink, it wasn’t until the attack’s one-year anniversary that she revealed it.

The tattoo: Drake’s owl

Some might call this a thirst trap, but we call it an impressive tattoo reveal. We’ve had glimpses of the owl before, but lucky for us, Drake decided to show off the whole thing — which reportedly took 12 hours to complete — in a shirtless mirror photo on Instagram. Thanks, Drake!

The tattoo: Pete Davidson’s bunny ears

Long before Davidson met, dated, and broke up with Ariana Grande, the comedian loved tattoos. In fact, he loved them so much, he has almost two sleeves and a chest full of ’em. Still, no one seemingly cared about Davidson’s frequent trips to the tattoo artist until he was engaged to the pop singer and decided to get this tribute to his now-ex behind his ear. Fans quickly noticed that the tattoo was a play on Grande’s Dangerous Woman album cover, although, it did not last long.

The tattoo: Halsey’s Lil Wayne quote

And the award for most spontaneous tattoo of the year goes to… Halsey! Just moments before joining Lil Wayne on the SNL stage for his performance of “Can’t Be Broken,” the singer requested JonBoy ink her upper arm. The tattoo turned out to be a scale, anchored by lyrics from Wayne’s 2011 song “She Will.” While some thought the new tattoo was a stab at ex-boyfriend G-Eazy, others thought it was a sweet tribute to both Wayne and Halsey’s shared zodiac signs.

The tattoo: Halsey’s Beck tribute

Turns out Halsey really loves getting other musician’s lyrics inked on her body. Months prior to her Lil Wayne feature, the singer got her neck tatted with, “I’m a loser, baby,” from the 1994 song “Loser” by Beck.

The tattoo: Maisie Williams’ Game of Thrones tribute

2019 is the year we say goodbye to GoT, and in honor of wrapping the final season of the popular HBO show, most of the actors got personal tributes to their time on the series. Williams paid a visit to Mr. K at New York’s Bang Bang studio for a tattoo honoring her on-screen persona, Arya Stark. The simple script on the back of her neck reads “no one.” Although, her homage to the franchise isn’t quite as spoiling to the finale as her costar’s…

The tattoo: Sophie Turner’s Stark spoiler

Turner (who plays Sansa Stark in GoT) was the first of the ensemble to get a tattoo inspired by the show — and it could also be a major spoiler. Written underneath an image of the House Stark symbol, a direwolf, is a telling maxim heard frequently on the show: “The pack survives.” Could this be a clue as to whether or not Arya, Sansa, Bran, and Jon Snow make it through GoT ‘s eighth and final season? Guess we’ll have to wait until April to see.

The tattoo: Joe Jonas’ Sansa Stark

Speaking of Sansa, Turner’s fiancé — a Jonas brother! — got a tattoo in March that looked oddly familiar to some fans. Although no one knows whether or not Jonas’ arm tattoo was made in the image of Turner’s GoT character, we do know the ink — created by Canadian artist Curt Montgomery — is really damn good.

The tattoo: Emilia Clarke’s dragon babies

The last memorable GoT tattoo to come out of 2018 is from none other than the Khalessi and prospective ruler of Westeros, Daenerys Targaryen. Clarke, who plays Targaryen on the show, commemorated her time as the Mother of Dragons with three flying dragons inked on her wrist.

The tattoo: Justin Bieber’s entire chest

We can’t keep up with Bieber’s tattoo collection any longer — there are just too many to keep count. It was April of this year that the singer wrote a post on Instagram about the 100 hours (!) of work on his body. His most recent? A yet-to-be-revealed matching tattoo with wife Hailey.

The tattoo: Lucy Hale’s sister tattoo

This year, the ultimate sibling tattoo inspiration came to Instagram by way of Hale and her sister. In July, both women got “I love you” in their late grandmother’s handwriting inked on the outside of their wrists.

The tattoo: Dua Lipa’s tour count

After 245 shows, Lipa and her crew got matching ink to commemorate the end of a very long tour run. Not only was it a cool addition to Lipa’s existing collection of minimal art, but it’s also in one of the trendiest spots of the year: the upper arm.

The tattoo: Selena Gomez’s BFF tribute

After briefly returning to Instagram, Gomez and four of her best friends hit up a tattoo spot for matching ink: the number “4.” While Gomez chose to get hers on her ditch, the crease of the arm, the rest of her pals got their tattoos on their ankles. But that wasn’t the only tattoo Gomez got that day. Just moments later, the singer showed off the number “1” above her right ribs, a tribute to her bestie Courtney Barry.

The tattoo: Post Malone’s under-eye bags

Yep, instead of a dermatologist-approved eye cream, the 23-year-old rapper chose to ink “Always” and “Tired” on his dark circles. We guess that’s one way to distract people from the visible effects of insomnia.

The tattoo: Brooklyn Beckham’s “Mom”

Most of Beckham’s tattoos are tributes to his siblings — sometimes his dad, too. Finally, in February, the budding photographer got some ink all about his mom. It literally just says “Mom” inside a heart on his shoulder. Classic.

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