11 Luxury Brands We Love, Spring 2019

Our favorite luxury brands laid out just for you. This exclusive list features all the brands we love right now and all the brands seen in Volume 3 of Love Happens in print.


pink marquetry purse by silvia furmanovich - luxury brands we love

Each collection shares a story. Through every jewelry piece, Silvia communicates the same sense of extraordinary wonder that compelled her to design in the first place. Deftly balancing tradition and innovation, her experiences inspire the working of ivory, coral, turquoise, wood, and precious stones that unfold into unique and enduring pieces.



silk scarf by fernanda lamelas - luxury brands we love

A romantic at heart, Fernanda Lamelas has made it her mission to capture eternal moments. Inspired by the beauty and heritage of Portugal and the surrounding world, a trained architect, Fernanda translates her watercolor paintings into the most beautiful handkerchiefs. Crafted in painstaking detail, Portuguese artisans bring her visions to life in 100% silk scarves.



black diva fan by olivier bernoux - luxury brands we love

Sensual and elegant, through his luxury accessories Olivier Bernoux creates “weapons of mass seduction.” With intricate woodcuts, exotic leathers, jersey knit silks, and simple yet eye-catching color palettes in each collection, Bernoux is on a mission to enhance a woman’s silhouette. She won’t be showing off, but everyone will notice.



lattice pull by lisa jarvis - jewelry for furniture - luxury brands we love

“I see cabinet doors and drawer faces as open canvasses awaiting attention and creativity,” says Lisa Jarvis, whose extraordinary, hand cast, solid brass hardware has expanded the visual impact of interiors across the country. Add custom capability, and it’s easy to see why, with Lisa’s breakthrough line, hardware is no longer an afterthought.



hand-embroidered textile with golden bees on a red fabric by lesage interieurs - luxury brands we love

In the service of beauty, savoir-faire and an ancient yet living craft, Lesage Interieurs offers the interiors industry the most exquisite hand embroidered textiles. Based in India and named after partner Jean-François Lesage, son of the legendary French haute couture embroiderer François Lesage, each work of art is hand-stitched by the finest craftsman— the result: richness fit for royalty!



la creme by cle de peau beaute - luxury brands we love

Clé de Peau Beauté uniquely combines Japan’s cutting-edge science and aesthetics with modern French elegance. Ranked the #1 beauty brand in Japan, Clé de Peau Beauté offers the most luxurious makeup and skincare—and perhaps the most exquisite anti-aging cream in the world, La Crème, made from more than 50 revolutionary ingredients including precious silk and pearls.



silver embellished heels by rene caovilla - luxury brands we love

From heels showered in delicate embellishments to sensual cashmere over-the-knee boots, Rene Caovilla crafts luxury footwear with passion and excellence. Art and artisanship blend together in every single design. Expressing the divinity of every woman and processing at the highest level of meticulousness, these shoes are worth the price!



onyx tables by gianluca pacchioni - luxury brands we love

The term ‘Homo faber’ conceptualizes the ability of human-kind to control fate through the use of tools around them. This embodies Gianluca Pacchioni, a master metal-craftsman who creates stunning sculptural furniture. Capturing the seductive way objects can be beautiful in their uncertainty, he lovingly embraces a combination of imperfection and finesse in his work.



Dea italian linens Manarola bedding collection - luxury brands we love

Brimming with comfort and elegance, slide into the Italian luxury linens of Dea. As a child, Dea Mantellassi grew up among laces and embroideries, cultivating a life-long passion for high-quality linen. Combining traditional artisan production with automated technology, the company carefully selects premium woven fabrics and precious threads to produce the most luxurious linens.



sexy lingerie by LIVY - luxury brands we love

Born by founder Lisa Chavy as an expression of modern women: multiple, independent, smart, connected, sexy, ambitious, daring…alive!, LIVY is a premium fashion linge-rie label for today’s woman! From Paris sexy chic, to NYC graphic to LA chill, LIVY offers styles for all facets and lifestyles. Don’t turn the page, scroll for new ones—this is the creator’s matra!



wine red couture baby robe by bleu comme gris - luxury brands we love

With delicate femininity for girls and a delicious Riviera vibe for boys, Blue comme gris designs timeless luxury clothing for children ages 0 to 14. Renowned for her elegant designs, founder Vanessa Marropodi selects only the highest quality French materials, silks, and jacquards. Subtle, yet undenia-bly sophisticated, this chic Parisian brand will have your child looking their finest from their casual daily wear to their most formal ensembles.


Words by Hojung Lee

Article Originally Appeared in Love Happens Volume 3 – 2019

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brass accent chair with black leather upholstery - asia chair by koket

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