Perfumed Horoscope May 27 – June 2

As we are focusing on sorting out and magnifying the best details of our lives, there are two possible deceptive moments this week. If you live with a disagreement to something, then consider whether staying in a bubble will prolong the hurt. Maybe just break it off. Second, it may be a little difficult to remain realistic this week, so prepare your decisions,  but don’t make them yet. This…
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34 Black Women Just Graduated From West Point, In The Most Diverse Class Ever

Women made history at West Point’s graduation Saturday. The 2019 class of graduates included a record number of Black and Hispanic women, making it their most diverse class yet.

The U.S. Military Academy overall graduated more than 980 students at their ceremony on Saturday, and 34 of them were black women, according to NBC News.

The women celebrated the milestone with a now-viral photo of all of them standing proud in their uniforms. “It was just very overwhelming to see all of our sisters — us just standing there in solidarity,” cadet

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AOC Admits On Instagram She Still Gets Nervous Speaking In Congress

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making politicians relatable once again. The millennial congresswoman took to Instagram to use the “ask me anything” feature to answer questions from her followers and got real about her job in office.

One question posed was, “Do you get nervous before speaking at committee hearings?”

Ocasio-Cortez gave a very honest answer.

“Always! So much effort goes into our questioning, but a lot of the times something will come up during the hearing and I toss out what we prepared and develop new question lines on the

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Late Spring Scents: What Fragrantica Writers Are Wearing This Season (2019)

Late spring is a different proposition than early spring in that the desire to break into scents that evoke green pastures after a winter full of woolies and rain has subsided and we’ve come to savor the change of the weather and settle into the preferences which form regardless of that hibernation-breaking mode. In that light some of our picks turn into scents which better conform to our more “c… Read full article: Late

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