Supergoop Is Slipping Sunscreen Into the Most Unexpected Places

7 R29ers Dish On The Trends You Should Try This Spring

Despite our love for fuzzy socks, rib-knit turtlenecks, and teddy-bear coats, we’ll be the first to admit that we’re pretty over playing the layer game (as in, piling on as many clothes as possible to brave biting-cold temps) and wearing the same tired combo day after day. Nothing against winter, but now that the seasons are gearing up to shift, it feels like an opportune time to do a little switcheroo and swap out our recent mainstays for some fresher pieces that are lighter, brighter, and break a little more sartorial ground.


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Kim Kardashian Posts Her "Psoriasis Face" — & How She’s Treating It

Update: Kim Kardashian West has proven time and time again that she isn’t afraid to show the world what struggling with psoriasis really looks like. On March 12, the star posted another video of her most recent flare-up, which showed rashes on her cheeks and under her eyes. “Psoriasis face,” she wrote on her Instagram Story. She followed up with a selfie on March 17 with the caption “Morning psoriasis.”

Even with state-of-the-art treatments at her disposal, Kardashian West continues to battle the incurable condition

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Ciara Serves Major Glam on InStyle’s Gorgeous April Covers

US InStyle April 2019 : Ciara by Phil Poynter

Ever since she took over the helm of InStyle back in 2016, Editor in Chief Laura Brown made it apparent the rules of the newsstand were to be rewritten, calling upon the likes of Melissa McCarthy, Taraji P. Henson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Janet Jackson to become cover girls. This month, Ciara makes the front of InStyle‘s April 2019 issue, serving up major face, body and glam vibes for the occasion, captured by Phil Poynter.


It’s another complete hit (more or less) for the magazine this month, according to our forum members

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These Trusty Home Buys Are On Super-Sale For Today Only

Weekends are built on the fundamentals of snoozing and brunching. These two extra days of sleeping in and afternoon breakfasting serve to adequately prep us for the GOAT leisure-activity: shopping. And lucky for us, deal-heavy home site Wayfair just kicked off its massive three-day March clearance sale that we can put all that shut-eye and fluffy omelette-energy towards.

Starting today and lasting through our impending Monday scaries on March 19, the site is offering up to 70% off an enticing selection of big home

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