Victoria Season 1 Premiere Recap: Playing With Dolls

Photo: Courtesy of PBS.

I hope no one else made the same mistake of binge-watching The Crown shortly before sitting down to Victoria. It put me in the absolutely wrong frame of mind. Yes, they are both about the first years of the reign of a young British queen, and both are rife with political lessons that come in conflict with the personal lives of the monarchs. But while the Netflix series is a complex, intellectual character study, Victoria is much more in the vein of traditional period costume dramas, brimming with visual splendor and

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Homeland Season 6 Premiere Recap: Behold, A (Fictional) Lady President

Homeland officially returned tonight (January 15), and it seems to have survived 2016 better than most of us. Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), the fiercely brave CIA operative who suffers from bipolar disorder, has finally retired from the field. Years removed from the night she once dreamt of drowning her baby girl, Carrie now instinctively puts the well-being of Franny first. With her meds under control, the woman who saved thousands of lives by keeping a train station bomb from detonating at the end of season 5 is now living a quiet

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The Young Pope Premiere Recap: "There’s A New Pope Now."

There’s a moment in the premiere of HBO’s The Young Pope where the titular young pope (Jude Law) lights a cigarette. Upon learning Pope John Paul II outlawed smoking in the Vatican, he smirks and says, “There’s a new pope now.”

And boy, is this young, new pope here to… do whatever he wants, basically. But just what does he want? What’s his end game? We’ll get to that, because The Young Pope is nothing if not a slow burn.

But first, we are introduced to this new pope by way of a dream where he crawls

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The Affair Recap: She’s A Good Person, That’s Clear

It’s back to real life all around in this episode of The Affair, which means shifting the focus on to Allison (Ruth Wilson) and Cole (Joshua Jackson). We open in a custard hearing between Allison and Cole, from her point of view, and the whole thing bears out that the representative of the state who is advocating for Joanie (Reagan & Savannah Grella), is deeply biased against her. He calls Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moreno), Cole’s new wife

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Allison Brie Just Got L.A.’s Coolest Haircut

Sometimes a girl just needs a good shag. And this weekend that’s exactly what happened to actress Alison Brie.

Just weeks after her 34th birthday, the actress and producer showed off her new long, bobbed haircut on Instagram. Those lengthy locks? Gone. Brie pulled a complete 180.

“Can’t even handle #AlisonBrie in this new cute shag bob. I’d like to shag your bob,” read the caption, posted by stylist Ashley Streicher.

Neither can we. Brie’s new shorter cut is the look we never knew we wanted and that all of L.A

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Dear Bridesmaids, Groomsmen Have It Rough Too

Too often, it’s women whose wedding stories we hear about most often — especially when it comes to bridesmaids dresses.

Men have it rough too, though. In a Reddit post, a determined bride-to-be asked users for help. One of her fiancé’s groomsmen approached the couple about dropping out of the wedding for a sad and frustrating reason.

“Today one of my future husband’s groomsmen and close friends approached him telling him he wants to step down as a groomsmen,” said wedditthrowaway8556.

“The reason why he wants

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